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Crowdfunding Our Problems Away

Rolling Jubilee, a project of Strike Debt!, is one of the concrete projects to come out of Occupy Wall Street that is currently making headlines. (Though it is not the only concerete project of Occupy, and anyone who says so isn’t paying attention. Have you heard about Occupy Sandy, for example?) When I first heard about it, […]

“Why on Earth would you put a PDF in an EPUB?”

Hugh McGuire recently asked a good question on Twitter: Can you include a PDF in an EPUB? On the Pressbooks blog, he discussed some of the answers he received and some possible solutions. Apparently, it’s technically possible to treat a PDF as an image in an EPUB. Who knew? Why would I do that? It’s […]

Kind of, Sort of

I’m a few days behind on this one, but I wanted to point toward this post at Digital Book World: Designed for the iPad as a complement to classroom studies for high school students, iBardRomeo is the first release in a series of iBard ebooks that will engage students in learning Shakespeare’s most popular works. […]

Binaries Aren’t Going to Work

Amazon: The Great Satan, Bringer of Death and Destruction, Strangler of Innovation, Purveyor of Crap and Free Kindle Titles Really Not Worth Thinking About, Much Less Reading Amazon: Liberator of the Dispossesed, Salvation of the Independent Writer, Democratizer of the Written Word, Sworn Protector of the Future Against the Monolithic Behemoths of the Past Okay, […]

Books are (probably) going to be okay

If you haven’t yet, you should check out Baldur Bjarnason’s excellent post on How to Beat Amazon, and the brilliant follow-up. It’s extremely hard to predict what the publishing landscape is going to look like in five years, let alone ten, but Bjarnason does a really good job of laying out some steps publishers need […]

Is Print-on-Demand More Important than Ebooks?

Richard Curtis at Digital Book World had a post yesterday about the possibility of falling prices of print-on-demand: LightningSource Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram, has been E-Reads’ POD printer of choice since our founding in 2000. And because – through no fault of LSI’s – the high cost of on-demand printing has prevented the process […]

A Few Thoughts on those Pottermore Ebooks

The big ebook news of the day is that J.K Rowling’s Pottermore site has, at long last, made the Harry Potter novels available as ebooks. They are being sold through the site (not, technically, through Barnes & Noble or Amazon) and are DRM-Free. (Sort of, not really.) Lots of commentary out about this on the […]