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“Why on Earth would you put a PDF in an EPUB?”

Hugh McGuire recently asked a good question on Twitter: Can you include a PDF in an EPUB? On the Pressbooks blog, he discussed some of the answers he received and some possible solutions. Apparently, it’s technically possible to treat a PDF as an image in an EPUB. Who knew? Why would I do that? It’s […]

Kind of, Sort of

I’m a few days behind on this one, but I wanted to point toward this post at Digital Book World: Designed for the iPad as a complement to classroom studies for high school students, iBardRomeo is the first release in a series of iBard ebooks that will engage students in learning Shakespeare’s most popular works. […]

Binaries Aren’t Going to Work

Amazon: The Great Satan, Bringer of Death and Destruction, Strangler of Innovation, Purveyor of Crap and Free Kindle Titles Really Not Worth Thinking About, Much Less Reading Amazon: Liberator of the Dispossesed, Salvation of the Independent Writer, Democratizer of the Written Word, Sworn Protector of the Future Against the Monolithic Behemoths of the Past Okay, […]

Books are (probably) going to be okay

If you haven’t yet, you should check out Baldur Bjarnason’s excellent post on How to Beat Amazon, and the brilliant follow-up. It’s extremely hard to predict what the publishing landscape is going to look like in five years, let alone ten, but Bjarnason does a really good job of laying out some steps publishers need […]

Is Print-on-Demand More Important than Ebooks?

Richard Curtis at Digital Book World had a post yesterday about the possibility of falling prices of print-on-demand: LightningSource Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram, has been E-Reads’ POD printer of choice since our founding in 2000. And because – through no fault of LSI’s – the high cost of on-demand printing has prevented the process […]